GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform   

GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform
Unified Group and Class Action Litigation
GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform
Conducting Class Actions just became easy!
GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform
Reduce operating costs by 90%
GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform
Process Automation cuts Admin by 80%

Address the problems of Litigation Funding, Opt-In, Mass Tort, Class Action Waiver and ATE Cover.

Defendants take advantage of the difficulties experienced by multiple claimants instituting collective action against them - be it by Group Action (GLO), Certified Class Action, Multi-Claimant Action or Representative Action.
  • Group action Defendants weaponise costs because it suits them
  • Drive down the costs of class and group actions
  • Reduce the risk and defeat disruptive tactics
  • Enhance the prospects for obtaining Litigation Funding and ATE insurance
  • Multi-party/Group/Class actions become inexpensive, efficient, and effective using smart technology
  • Solve the problems of class action waiver, opt in compliance and mass tort individual claim quantification
  • Litigate on an equal footing – drive down costs and manage by exception

GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform

The GMT Group Action Platform “GAP” is process modular and configurable (switch “on” or “off”) to suit the claim type and meet the specific case requirements.

Enhance your recruitment capabilities by rapid and easy pre-registration (using our API) and then convert those pre-registering with our user-friendly but fully compliant smart registration systems using our Group Action Platform (using our GAP).

Obtain detailed individualised claim information, which is seamlessly vetted, analysed, reported on converted into privileged client instructions and a Schedule of Claim so that in pre-action correspondence you are able to provide appropriate details about the claim and claimant and so thwart any disruptive tactics by the Defendant to stifle the claim or drive up costs.

In a recent High Court judgment a case that was held to be 'irredeemably unmanageable' was not … 'allowed to proceed'. However, smart technology applied in a smart way solves the problem.

In relation to a large class action where complicated analysis, calculations and quantification had to be done Professor Gerald Lemmer said that: 'It is worth mentioning that we are moving into the realm of unmanageable numbers' but GMT’s GAP technology '… would be able to handle this with no difficulty.' ~ Professor of Mathematics University of South Africa, BSc, BSc (Hons), MSc (Natal) PhD (Cambridge).

Introducing Group Management Technology

All group action defendants are wealthy! If that were not so, there would be no point suing them, would there? If they were not, you would not get litigation funding for the case, would you!

It is not unknown for rich and powerful corporate defendants to allocate a significant percentage of the potential claims value to be expended on legal costs to pay lawyers to suppress and thus defeat litigation against them.

It suits defendants to rack up costs because extortionate costs risk exposure discourages claimants from participating in, and litigation funders from funding, group actions.

Irrespective of merit the case cannot or does not get off the ground!

GMT’s Group Action Platform (GAP), systems and methodology are specifically designed to drive down claimants’ costs and to curtail the costs of defendants.

Disruptive Tactics?
The main objective of disruptive tactics is to prevent the target system from continuing to operate as usual i.e. to “prevent you from doing your job”!

Disruptive Technology?
Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. A disruptive technology sweeps away the systems or habits it replaces because it has attributes that are recognizably superior.

Use our disruptive technology to disrupt the disruptive tactics that stifle litigation with good legal merit.

Level the playing field - Plug the GAP!

GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform

Conducting a Group Action

Group Management Technology brings you the only comprehensive, secure, self-service online Group Action Platform (GAP).

If you have ever run a class action you’re in the right place now. Want to know more about our management platform? Sure you do!

Here we touch on the biggest common issues faced when conducting a group action, and based on decade’s worth of collective experience, the automated 'lean-back' system that elegantly solves every issue, quickly and cost effectively.

Group action law suits are notoriously difficult, onerous and complex undertakings due to:

1. Having to reach out and collect all the requisite claimant information, which is:
  • Expensive and time consuming;
  • Resource intensive (people, vehicles, office space, infrastructure, communications, consumables, file storage);
  • Information acquisition is error prone and iterative.
2. Having to maintain the complex case administration requirements:
  • Processing and recording communications (calls, email, letters, meetings);
  • Creating and updating all required case documents;
  • Claimant updates and communication;
  • Maintaining the hard-copy filing system;
  • Recruitment, compliance, obtaining instructions
  • Analyzing, interpreting and Pleading instructions
  • Documents and facts.
3. Having to navigate intentional defendant introduced obstacles, delay tactics and strategic interruption which typically include:
  • Managing a continuous stream of potentially spurious, or at the very least questionable claimant and claim information requests;
  • Providing complex case level information (quantum, budget, etc.);
  • Rerouting valuable resources from your game plan to defendant related task requests
  • Coping with acute cost creep and budget overrun.


Imagine a group of 50,000 claimants and, for each and every one of them having to:
  • Recruit and undertake formal and contractual compliance;
  • Obtain instructions in relation to both merits and quantum;
  • Obtain disclosure;
  • Obtain expert reports in relation to merits and/or quantum;
  • Analysing all of the above.
And then, vetting claims for inclusion in the claim based on merits:
  • Quantifying claims;
  • Reporting to funders, opponents and the court;
  • Reporting to clients;
  • Time and costs keeping – within budget.
All of this within strict time constraints, while being subjected to disruptive tactics of the defendants.

Beat Disruptive Tactics – Deploy Disruptive Technology

GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform

The GMT Solution

The Group Action Platform (GAP) solves all the typical issues you may encounter by providing:

1. A self-service online claim registration portal
  • A highly flexible and configurable system to support and automate your case structure and strategy;
  • Hands-free A to Z information acquisition;
  • Automated KYC;
  • Case configuration to shape and guide the claimant process flow;
  • Input validation reduces human error and increases information accuracy and completeness;
  • Instant and secure online registration fee payment collection;
  • Progressive Ad-Hoc information collection as required, including third parties;
  • White labelling (logo, fonts, and colors).
2. Automated case administration
  • Highly configurable process definition providing complete automation;
  • Real-time KPIs, case metrics and interactive reporting;
  • Instant insights and information delivery through structured information analytics;
  • Claim management and intervention by exception;
  • User-defined automated time keeping, cost management and bill of costs;
  • Automated production of all relevant court documents.
So, now you’re ready to…
1. Save time by cutting case management and operations down to a fraction;
2. Dramatically reduce spending by cutting the costs to virtually zero;
3. Reduce operational and budgetary risks;
4. Automate the claim registration, case administration and management...

Speak to us and we can have you up and running within 24 hours, supporting you every step of the way to seamless operations, case management and a successful outcome.

We look forward to hearing from you, showing you the GAP solution, and partnering with you to spin up your first case.

GMT's Enterprise Group Action Platform

Data Security

Our fully integrated online technology is delivered via the SSL protocol to provide end-to-end encryption.

GAP uses secure second factor authentication, delivered to the user's mobile phone to ensure an additional layer of security and to prevent hackers accessing any user accounts.

All advanced industry standard security protocols, including Secure Socket Layer communication, are applied to our online platform and additional real-time intrusion detection and lockout mechanisms ensure the safety of our users and their information.

Data is stored in secure locations and the global banking industry standard Luhn algorithm applied to ensure data is not tampered with or changed in any way. We comply with Data Protection legislation and regulations.


Cloud based:
GAP can be accessed by Claimants and Administrators alike from any location so long as one has internet connectivity. "Work from home" may well become the norm, save money - let staff work from home! The system logs each and every function carried out by Administrators. Set up bespoke timesheets and reports to monitor what work has been done, when, by whom, in relation to which case.

Our smart technology intelligently maintains a fine balance between cost and reward and enables lawyers to run "hands free". This cuts down on time spent, workload and costs while rendering a result which – without our technology – would be virtually impossible to achieve.

GAP slashes the cost of group action litigation and puts the claimants on equal footing with rich and powerful defendants.

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